Donald Trump’s NFTs draw criticism


Former US President Donald Trump’s Recently Launched NFT Collection Faces Heavy Criticism due, in particular, to their poor quality, the processing work and the fact that it was made from an image bank.

Source: Helloimorgan/Twitter

Two major charges are leveled against Trump and the team behind the collection:

  • The images used for the collection were taken directly from the Internet, created by other people, and are of poor quality ;
  • The work with Photoshop is poorly doneor an AI image generator was used.

For example, there’s an image of Trump as a duck hunter (or something like that), in a very similar outfit in a collection of designer clothes online.

In addition to the alleged use of branded outfits in NFT’s collection, there are accusations that images from the Shutterstock platform were also used.

And not just Shutterstock, but also Adobesay users. Some advise a quick withdrawal from the project.


Adobe’s watermark is also clearly visible on this card:

Source: Trump Digital Trading Cards/OpenSea

The Washington Post wrote that,

“If the images seen on the website are similar to the digital images that will be transferred to anyone who pays the $99, then Trump cards will be poorly photoshopped images of the former president’s face pasted onto rather fit male bodiesdressed in very masculine suits, which includes sportswear, a sheriff’s suit and lots of blue three-piece suits.”

The article also warns that,

The joke, in the end, will unfortunately come at the expense of people paying $99 for these NFTs., which, despite what appears to be an initial flurry of interest, are likely to be extremely risky as a long-term investment. But that too is very much on Trump’s mind, a perfect example of his marketing approach.”

The NFT website meanwhile, denies that NFT INT LLC, the company listed as hosting the NFT auction, is owned, operated or controlled by Trump or his companies. Therefore, it is unclear what this company is, and many speculations are being spread online.

As for the designer of the cards, the website states that “the award-winning illustrator Clark Mitchellwho conceived the design of the Trump Digital Trading Cardshas significant working relationships with brands such as Star Wars, Hasbro, Mattel, Marvel, Time Magazine, Coors, Budweiser, disney, Corona and Coca Cola“.

NFTs that make you laugh

Donald Trump launched Thursday, December 15, 2022 the collection of NFT, the “Trump Cards”, which represent him in particular as a superhero, an astronaut and a cowboy. There were a total of 45,000 NFTs, minted on polygonand the project is seen by many as a money-making stunt.

The collection sold out quickly, and the OpenSea Marketplace currently shows (as of 9am UTC Monday morning) that the lowest price was 0.099 ETH ($120). The most expensive card costs 505 ETH ($598,000).

The total volume gets up currently at 6,369 ETH ($7.55 million)with 15,621 owners and 35% sole proprietors.

The collection and its launch were the subject of much mockery when they were announcedgiven that Trump had announced “major” news that many had assumed would be related to American politics.

Launching his own NFT project stands in stark contrast to Trump’s stance on crypto during his tenure. Trump had indeed previously criticized Bitcoin in particular and the crypto industry in general, joining a long list of politicians who have also decried crypto products because of their ecological impacts.

The former president also been criticized for his bad timing as he launched his collection as the NFT market is in turmoil due to the ongoing crypto downturn and a series of corporate defaults and bankruptcies, including the exchange’s massive fall FTX.

According to CryptoSlamNFT’s global sales volume has dropped 87% since January this year.


Donald is not the only Trump to turn to NFTs: less than a month after her husband called the crypto “very dangerous”, Melania Trump announced her “Melania’s Vision” collection.

And unsurprisingly, the ex-President and the collection were also ridiculed on the American show Saturday Night Live.

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