“SuperTrump”: Donald Trump issues NFTs to his glory, and provokes mockery


Card players know it: in English, “trump” means “trump”. Will this linguistic information give some meaning to Donald Trump’s new adventure? Not sure. The former US president has launched a series of digital NFT cards, which can be purchased for the sum of 99 dollars each (93 euros), plus transaction fees.

On these immaterial objects, the populist republican dons different costumes: one card shows him in camouflage with a large cowboy hat and a shotgun, another raising his fists triumphantly in front of a rising stock market curve or sending waltz gold bars. He also dreamed of being an astronaut and a racing driver. The most crunchy of cards portrays him as a superhero, muscles bulging in his tight SuperTrump costume. In the promotional video Trump launched on his Truth social network, laser beams shoot out of this SuperTrump’s eyes, revealing his outfit in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan.

The site selling these virtual items indicates that 45,000 digital cards are available, guaranteed by the Polygon blockchain, which presents itself as “carbon neutral”. No card is supposed to be produced in more than 20 copies, and some are unique. “These limited edition cards present an incredible artistic vision of my life and my career,” he modestly boasted in his promotional video, hoping that these cards are “like baseball cards but much more exciting. “.

Any fan who buys 45 cards or more also receives an invitation to a gala dinner in Florida with Donald Trump. A raffle will be held among the buyers, and the draw will select the winner of a 10-minute video call with the former president, or, icing on the NFT, a very short one-hour round of golf at his complex. from Palm Beach.

The site specifies that the funds collected have no political vocation: they are therefore not intended to finance the electoral campaign of the billionaire, who declared himself a candidate for a third presidential election a month ago. It also enacts a non-responsibility clause in the event of loss of value of the cards. The sales volume of NFT fell very sharply in 2022.

On Wednesday, the unpredictable Republican had published this enigmatic message: “America needs a superhero. I will make a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow. The press had begun to speculate: Was he going to reveal his choice for vice-president, in order to give some impetus to his campaign for the Republican primary, marred by the failures of many of his candidates in the midterms?

The announcement has delighted its opponents. His niece Mary Trump, at odds with the former president and the Trump family, summed up their general sentiment by tweeting “omfg” (“Oh my fucking God”, “Damn in the name of God”) and “wtaf” (“What the actual fuck”, “What the fuck?”).

President Joe Biden, on his personal Twitter account, parodied his predecessor by touting his own “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS”, namely a series of recent economic, diplomatic and political successes.

Even Steve Bannon, Trump’s former campaign manager, said anyone involved in the scheme “should be fired today.”


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