The Tour de France goes NFT with an exclusive game!


The Tour de France 2023 will be partly digital. Organizers have announced that fans will be able to collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing different stages.

An NFT collection representing the 21 stages of the Tour de France 2023

In the world of sports, more and more institutions, companies or organizations are getting involved in the web3, whether by launching a series of NFTs or by taking an initiative related to the metaverse.

Today, it’s up to the Tour de France to get started by offering its own digital collectibles. The collection will allow 21 lucky winners to live in the heart of the major sporting event of July in France!

On Tuesday, Tour de France organizers announced that this collection will be available as a digital game. Cycling enthusiasts and Grande Boucle lovers will be able to collect NFTs (non-fungible tokens) from the different stages.

From next January 9, these 21 “digital objects” of the Tour de France 2023 will be distributed to players and will allow owners to live a “VIP experience” on one of the stages.

“A veritable popular festival in July, the Tour creates great closeness with its public throughout the 3,500 km of its route. The digital collection of the stages of the Tour de France 2023 responds to this logic: everyone will have the opportunity to obtain exclusive digital content from the Grande Boucle. The lucky ones will be able to experience unique moments thanks to them”.

The collection available on Polygon (Matic)

Through the Polygon platform (blockchain), ASO wishes to offer a new digital racing experience to Internet users. The Tour de France organizer justifies this choice by the “limited energy consumption” of the Polygon blockchain network.

The first distribution of these digital objects will be followed by a second phase. Those who collect several of them will be able to receive “more or less exclusive rewards depending on the level of completion of the collection”. A Discord will also be made available to the community to bring together collectors.

In their communication, the organizers took care not to use the term NFT for this collection, preferring the term “exclusive digital content”. Probably because the average age of the followers of the Grande Boucle 2020 is over 60 years old. Others prefer to see this initiative as a means of reaching a younger and more receptive audience.

Specifically, fans of cycling and the biggest race in the world will be able to collect 21 digital objects representing the 21 stages of the program of the 110th race launched in 1903. The organizers specify that some holders will be able to enjoy a VIP experience on the one of the steps.

A dedicated marketplace available

Before you can claim to win an NFT, you will need to participate in the first “collecting” phase. Yesterday, the Tour de France detailed the procedure for participating and winning NFTs at the different stages on its Twitter account.

At the end of the game, on January 31, 2023, each player will receive a virtual Mystery Chest, colored to match their in-game progress level. The higher the game progress level, the more likely chests are to contain unique collectibles. Starting Thursday, February 2 at 12:00 p.m., players will be able to open their chests and discover their rewards.

Users and players will be able to resell their NFTs on a dedicated marketplace. It should be noted that the profits from sales will be donated to the “L’Avenir à vélo” initiative, one of whose objectives is to promote cycling in the city, while raising awareness among the youngest about cycling.


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